Season One Episode Guide

01) "The Rat Man" - We are introduced to the world of Drake Thornton as Drake and Ralph make their way to an old cemetery and battle an army of skeletons. Later Drake is hired by a beautiful female client who wants him to dispose of a giant rat man that has been bothering her. When it turns out the rat man is actually her ex-husband who she has turned into a rat by witchcraft Drake is torn between satisfying the client and compassion for the rat man's plight.

02)"Swamp Creature" - Drake and Ralph travel to Florida to investigate claims of a swamp creature. The creature does exist but he's simply trying to run a hat shop in the swamp which is not doing well because of its remote location and the fact that the swamp creature tries to scare everyone away. Drake comes up with a plan to go into business with the swamp creature.

03) "Zombie Bunker" - Drake's neighbor, Gary, is annoying him with his constant talk about zombies. Gary has an underground zombie shelter which he wants Drake to inspect. Drake tries to convince him that zombies aren't really that much of a threat and suggests that they turn the shelter into a game room but Gary is obsessed. Unfortunately while digging his shelter Gary has unearthed an ancient Indian burial ground and released the spirits of the dead which Drake has to get rid of.

04) "Leader of the Pack" - Disturbances by a Wolf Man cause Drake to capture the creature and take him back to the lab where Dr. Horatio attempts to cure him of his problem. Unfortunately the Wolf Man rather enjoys his double life where he has become a popular member of a biker gang. He persuades them to turn him back into a werewolf but it is a trick and he attempts to attack them all before Drake is forced to kill him.

05) "Magic" - During a book signing a necromancer confronts Drake about having exposed magical secrets of the Artinius Brotherhood in his new book. Drake tries to blow him off but he is confronted by angry members of the Brotherhood who must be appeased or defeated.

06) "Return of the Rat Man" - The Rat Man returns having been unable to find anyone who can remove his tail. Dr. Horatio performs a number of experiments on him in an attempt to complete his transformation back into a human but they don't go well. Meanwhile Gary has another supernatural problem on his hand which has nothing to do with zombies. A toy teddy bear he has purchased for his children appears to be demonically possessed and running amok with a knife.

07) "The Scarecrow" - Drake and Ralph travel to a farm to investigate reports of a scarecrow coming to life. Drake finds comfort in the arms of the farmer's daughter and they both discover a weird "Wizard of Oz" style crime syndicate.


"Ghost Pirates" - While on vacation Drake and Ralph discover that their idyllic beach resort is virtually deserted because the island is being terrorized by ghost pirates. They have to discover a way to appease the pirates so that they will go away allowing all the beautiful women to return to the beach.

"Robot Army" - The Army has created a new type of super combat robot at a secret facility out in the desert but the robots have proven to be too dangerous and uncontrollable. The commanding officer of the facility has disappeared with the robots for some reason. They are wreaking havoc on the community and the Army can't stop them so Drake is called in to solve the problem.

"Maid Service" - A maid comes to the house supposedly as a gift from an admirer but she turns out to be a spy for Larry the Vampire King. Eventually the maid is overcome by Drake's sexual magnetism and confesses everything leading Drake to seek out Larry for a showdown.

"Slug Creature" - Drake is hired by a wealthy old man who collects exotic plants and animals to recover a dangerous slug creature which has escaped from his home, killing a gardener in the process. The client's beautiful young wife has her own interests in Drake's investigation which complicates things.

"The Rabbit Who Came to Dinner" - Ralph's brother Reggie comes for a visit and turns everything upside down with his drug-crazed wild behavior. Drake tries to come up with a plan to keep Reggie out of trouble.

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